Production-Ready Environments for Containerized Applications

kubernetes cluster setup
  • Easily containerize existing applications and run hyper scalable microservices keeping them resilient to failures
  • Provision purpose-driven disposable clusters allowing full ownership and avoiding resource conflicts between development teams
  • Get extra savings due to more efficient resource utilization with elastic containers
  • Implement CI/CD automation and develop at a higher level of speed in shorter release cycles
  • Option to mount NFS storage for resilient to ensure consistency of data
  • 1 click options to choose from pre-optimized out of the box Development/Production topology
  • Multiple modules to manage day to day DevOps tasks easily at 1 click

Pre-Installed Kubernetes Components Out-of-the-Box

  • CNI plugin (powered by Weave) for overlay network support
  • Traefik ingress control for transferring HTTP/HTTPS requests to services
  • HELM package manager to auto-install pre-packed solutions from repositories
  • CoreDNS for internal names resolution
  • Dynamic provisioner of persistent volumes
  • Heapster for gathering stats
  • SSL for protecting ingress network
  • Kubernetes Dashboard

Automate CI/CD, Shorten Your Time to Deployment

Certified Kubernetes Containers

1 Click Kubernetes Services Cluster Deployment

Simplified GUI

Highly Scalable (Horizontal & Vertical)

Flexible Topology, Traffic Distributor, Auto Start Stop Scheduler & More

Multi-Cloud Availability

CI/CD Automation

Gitlab/ GitHub with 1 click

Auto Start/Stop Scheduler

Built-In SSL

Inbuilt Load Balancer

VPC Network

Shared Storage

Simple Deployment, Quick Scaling. All in Real Time

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Horizontal Scaling inside the Cloud: Multi Nodes

Hourly Billing & Pay 'Only' for Consumed Resources