What's More?

Opensource & Powerful Net Core

Multiple .Net Core Versions @ 1 Click

.net core with docker

.Net Core + Docker, A giant leap

.net core 1 click deployment

Simple & Robust Powerhouse

    • Choice of multiple .Net Core versions with 1 click
    • Power packed all required components, .Net Core runtime, ASP .NET Core runtime, .Net Core SDK
    • Highly automated for DevOps, Open API, Cloud Scripting
    • Git/SVN with auto hook configuration, connect your preferred DB from multiple powerful database engines with 1 click.

It's Much More, Simplest DevOps Cloud Platform

Docker Engine & Docker Swarm with Public/ Pvt. Registries

Automatic & Manual Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Flexibility at Scale, Adjust topology "On the Fly"

Kubernetes Cluster with 1 Click, Automate CI/CD

Elastic Pricing, Pay Only for Used Resources

High Availability across Multi Clouds

One Click Deployment

Auto Clustering within Clicks

Inbuilt Git, SVN & Docker Hub

Simple Deployment, Quick Scaling. All in Real Time

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Horizontal Scaling inside the Cloud: Multi Nodes

Hourly Billing & Pay 'Only' for Consumed Resources