1-Click Magento Cluster Setup on Next-Generation Cloud, Change experience of your customers with Auto Failover and Magento Redis

Setting up a Cluster has always been a tedious task for the administrators and having a serious business running without a cluster topology is a super bad idea. But you don’t have to worry at all, RealCloud simplifies that for you, gone are the days when setting up the cluster was a task for a few days, now you can deploy your choice of Magento version [ Magento 1.x or Magento 2 ] with a cluster replication with just 1 click.

Why Choose Auto-Scalable Varnish Load Balancers

Magento Clusters on RealCloud are preconfigured with Auto-Scalable Varnish Load Balancers, Auto-Scalable NGINX Application Servers, Magento Redis Cache & Redis Session Managers, Highly Redundant Shared Storage Nodes, and Auto Asyncho MySQL DB replication.

What is Auto Scalable Load Balancers

The Highly Available Load Balancers will scale up and down automatically as per the incoming traffic. The Auto Scalable NGINX Application Servers will also scale up/down automatically as per requests and load from incoming traffic. A super-strong combination of HA, Auto-Scalable Load Balancer coupled with powerful and blazingly fast HA, Auto-Scalable NGINX application server can handle a massive amount of traffic on your store without even a delay of a fraction. Similarly, the Magento Redis Cache and Redis Session Manager would be up to enhance the entire experience of your E-commerce store visitor until checkout. All the data of your store & customer from all the application servers of your Magento Cluster will be managed inside the dedicated shared storage node with ease, the async replication of your MySQL DB will ensure redundancy for all your DB related critical concerns.

This configuration may give a feel of a cumbersome and a few days long process. At RealCloud we have made it pretty simple to put your business and aspirations at the fast track with full peace of mind. This entire Magento Cluster setup is available for deployment with a single click from our marketplace with your choice of Magento Version at No Extra Cost, just a single click to put your online store at the forefront within a few minutes.

Being deployed in a single-click manner, the Magento Cluster runs a complex container-based failover topology, which effectively ensures zero downtime for your business.

Try RealCloud for Your Next Project.

At RealCloud, start your journey to success now, with a completely FREE trial and with many other advanced awesome features. Now deploy faster, spend lesser time and money on entire DevOps with complete peace of mind with our 1 click Magento Cluster Setup.

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